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Recognize 5 Terms of Mattress According to Size!

June 30th, 2019 · No Comments · Journal

From babies to adults, everyone needs a mattress to get quality rest time.

But speaking of mattresses, people still don’t understand the various sizes. Of course you need to know the size of the mattress. Because different sizes are different terms.

Here’s the term

1. Single bed

Yes. As the name implies, single beds can only be used by just one person along with pillows and bolsters.

The size of 90 cm and 200 cm is the standard of the smallest mattress size.

This type of mattress is often found in hospitality or boarding and not for sharing. While a single size mattress is suitable for use in children’s rooms to teenagers.

2. Double

Different from single beds, if double mattress is a short version of a queen size mattress.

Double beds have a length of 200 cm and a width of 120 cm and are commonly known as super singles or twin beds.

This type of mattress is very suitable for use by adolescents to adults who are large and also intended for one or two people.

For couples who are newly married but do not have room space that is too large, they can choose double beds in the room.

3. Queen

The next type of mattress is queen size.

Mattresses larger than double beds are perfect for people who need extra space.

Usually queen size bed has a width of 160 cm and a length of 200 cm to a standard size mattress that is intended for two or more people.

In general, queen type mattresses are most widely used in homes that have rather spacious rooms or are used by hospitality.

While the queen size mattress is the second most popular after a single bed.

4. King

At home do you have one of the more spacious rooms? Try to use a king size bed for your bed with your husband.

The size of the mattress 180 cm x 200 cm is perfect for couples who need a wide mattress and comfortable when sleeping with your little one. This type of mattress is very suitable to be placed in the main room.

Adequate size so that there is always in every hotel, but the price of the room is more expensive because it has a more exclusive room.

5. Super king

If the king size of the bed is large, it turns out that there is still more than that.

The name of the super king size bed. This mattress size is 200 cm x 200 cm. King size beds are usually also placed in the main bedroom. King size is for two adults or more.

The size of the mattress is very large like two single mattresses combined into one.

Usually the type of king size bed is often used in hotels with family room type rooms.

At the bottom of the king size mattress is usually equipped with a spring box to hold the weight of the mattress.

If your room is very spacious, there’s nothing wrong with using a super king bed.

That’s the 5 kinds of mattress sizes that you already know. Also adjust the size of the mattress with the area of ​​your room.


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